Polluted LeisureLeisure Sciences 2018. In Press.

Draft (pre-print) for download

Abstract: Leisure now involves becoming-with pollution. In this article I work with the concept of “polluted leisure” to explore how to better understand and respond to the enmeshment of pollution and leisure in late capitalist societies. Pollution and leisure are argued to be mutually shaping. Evidence for the argument is provided through a pilot study of “intoxicated” surfers at a post-industrial site. The study proceeds through a  “more-than-human” paradigm. Nonhuman and material agencies are fused with socio-economic (specifically capitalism) and human subjectivity issues e.g. gender (specifically masculinity). A “wet ethnography” – an experimental multi-media transdisciplinary methodology – is employed to notice and articulate the dynamic complexity. It is concluded that that the busyness of pollution complicates leisure discourses that bifurcate nature and society, natural and artificial, subject and object that shape
environmental politics, sustainability efforts, and notions of wellbeing achieved through encounters with.

Image by Duncan Elliott

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