Sustainable Skate. (2019-ongoing)

A project innovating a new more environmentally-friendly concrete for skateboarding (connecting community interest companies, schools, industry, and government) – incorporating plastic landfill and sequestered carbon dioxide – that will radically influence the skateboard industry and concomitant sport infrastructure; b) engage young people in developing new skills and achieve wellbeing; c) model a more inclusive policy in regards to making cities sustainably ‘skate-friendly’ and ‘youth-friendly’.

Creative talks about fossil-free futures (2019-ongoing)

A collaboration between Dr Clifton Evers and James Davoll with Linkoping University, Lysekils Municipality, and Lysekil Artist Kommun developing a public art intervention addressing transition challenges and imagined futures as Sweden moves to be fossil-fuel free by 2045.

Coastal Contaminations. Exhibition, Tynemouth Bridge Gallery, UK. (2019)

An International collection of photographers, activists and sculptures exploring polluted coastal leisure.

Making the Anthropocene: Future Fossils, Future Heritage. 2019 – ongoing.

Collaboration led by Dr Clifton Evers and James Davoll with North Tyneside Art Studio, CAPITA – Highway Asset Maintenance and Construction, and North Tyneside Council that converted a rundown pedestrian underpass in the seaside village of Cullercoats into a public art gallery. The project continues with further work on the underpass being undertaken with local schools and community groups.

Exploring the land and walls of Fukushima. Soundscape. FLUX on Resonance Extra. 2019.

A soundscape that explores the themes of liminal space, temporality and boundaries, whether physical or theoretical. This exploration is carried out through the field of recording and sound design. Key narrative: “noise pollution”, seawalls, and the Fukushima disaster

A Toxic Love Affair: Polluted Leisure in ‘Blue Spaces’. Live Performance, Anthropocean, Imaginaires, Oceaniques. Paris: Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme. 2018

Video of event and performance available here

A Toxic Love Affair: Polluted Leisure in ‘Blue Spaces’. Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle, UK. 2018 – ongoing.

An international collection of photographers, activists, sculptures, filmmakers, and more interrogate contradictions, paradoxes, and tensions of ‘polluted leisure’.  The example for this particular exhibition was surfing. Surfers are ‘canaries in the coalmine’ in this age of pollution. Visitors saw photography, film, soundscapes, painting, and sculptures about ‘polluted leisure’ in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States.

Participants:  Shé Hawke, Clifton Evers, James Davoll, Lewis Arnold, Duncan Elliott, James Calumn, Steve Parks, Jeremy Goffin, Elizabeth Pepin Silva, Sebastian Pottoff, Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Simon Wearne, Kaede Koru Doering, Adam Doering, Sam Wood.




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