6mm Surf Film Festival

Our short experimental film will be showing at the inaugural 6mm surf film fesstival at Tynemouth, North Tyneside, UK on 30th of October, 2018. All proceeds go to the mental health charity Mind. Other films by Jordy Walker, Lewis Arnold, and Tom Bing are also to be shown.

Short Film: Far from Heaven

Clifton Evers (Aus) and James Davoll (NI) Film of Performance/Installation In 1997 Australian Indigenous artist Tracey Moffatt released a short film entitled Heaven. It inverted the white male colonial gaze directed at Indigenous women since colonisation. Moffatt compiles home video footage of fit young male surfers posing, surfing, and changing into and out of wetsuits. …

Short Film: A Toxic Love Affair

Clifton Evers (Aus) and James Davoll (NI) Short Film Surf-breaks are formed by pollution. For example, one of the best in the UK is a product of slag, pollution stemming from a century-old steel industry. Uncertainty remains about water quality in this region given surrounding chemical plant, agricultural runoff, shipping, nuclear power, and much more. …

Fieldwork Zine from Fukushima

Evers, C., Davoll, J, and Doering, A. (2017). Polluted Leisure. Zine. Newcastle University.

Presentation at University of Sydney

Evers, C., and Davoll, J. (2017). Polluted Leisure and A Politics of Care. Paper presented at Sustaining the Seas Conference. UNiversity of Sydney, Australia, December 11-13.  

Presentation at Oxford University

Doering, A., Evers, C., & Davoll, J. (2018). Life and polluted leisure in the wake of disaster: Living with Fukushima’s “polluted” sea. Paper presented at the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) of the UK and Commonwealth Conference. ASA18 Sociality, Matter, and the Imagination: Re-creating Anthropology, University of Oxford, UK, September 18-21.

New Peer-reviewed Journal Article

Polluted Leisure. Leisure Sciences 2018. In Press. Draft (pre-print) for download Abstract: Leisure now involves becoming-with pollution. In this article I work with the concept of “polluted leisure” to explore how to better understand and respond to the enmeshment of pollution and leisure in late capitalist societies. Pollution and leisure are argued to be mutually shaping. Evidence for the argument is provided …

A Toxic Love Affair, Exhibition

From the 21st of September, 2018 until 6th of October we ran the exhibition: A Toxic Love Affair: Polluted Leisure in ‘Blue Spaces’ at the Ex Libris Gallery, Newcastle, UK. An international collection of photographers, activists, sculptures, filmmakers, and more interrogate contradictions, paradoxes, and tensions of ‘polluted leisure’.  The example for this particular exhibition was …